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The purchase code is already activated on another site


Written by Linh_Blueskytechco

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How can i activate my purchase code for another domain?

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If you have activated your theme before and need to activate it again for other domain for some reason, you must first delete the existing record. This is true even if you re-register your theme with the same domain. Requirement of re-registering the theme after every new installation provides an extra layer of security that ensures your purchase code is only available to your usage.

Please follow this direction for details


  1. Login to your Shopify store, go to Online Store > Themes

  2. Click to Customize

  3. Click to Theme Setting icon in left menu and select Purchase Code

  4. Insert your Purchase Code

  5. Select Remove purchase code in Purchase action

  6. Click Save to finish remove purchase code

  7. Use your purchase code and activate Umino theme for other domain

Note: Purchase code can not be remove if you insert the wrong purchase code

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