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How to translate a theme after adding a new default language?


Written by Linh_Blueskytechco

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After adding the umino theme and changing the default language to the new language, but the theme is still not automatically translated, you can follow these steps

Step 1: Install the Translate & Adapt app by Shopify

Step 2: Settings -> Languages -> Change default ->Change any default language

Because Translate & Adapt application cannot translate language when set to default

Step 3: After changing the default language, your previous language will be deleted, please add the default language you want to translate again.

Step 4: Go to apps -> select app Translate & Adapt

Step 5: In the application, select the language you want to translate and click Auto-translate.

Step 6: After successful translation go to settings -> languages -> change default , set the translated language to the default language.

If you see a warning like the one below, ignore it and save your changes.

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