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Activate and Remove purchase code

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How to find your purchase code?

Please follow this link to get your purchase code.

1. Activate Umino theme

Step 1: From your admin, click to Online store ==> Themes ==> Customize

Step 2: Click to Theme Setting icon in left menu and select Purchase Code

Step 3: Insert your Purchase Code and click Save

Standard Licenses

Most of our items, such as themes, code, graphics, 3D models, and flash assets, are covered by our Standard Licenses.

If your end product, which includes the item you purchased, is free for the end user, then you should choose the Regular License.

However, if the end user has to pay to use the end product that includes the item you purchased, then you'll need the Extended License.

Licenses | ThemeForest

2. Remove purchase code

Note: If you use the Regular License, you are allowed to use the purchased code for one domain only. Therefore, if you wish to use it for another domain, you will need to remove the active purchase code from the previous domain.


  1. Login to your Shopify store, go to Online Store > Themes

  2. Click to Customize

  3. Click to Theme Setting icon in left menu and select Purchase Code

  4. Insert your Purchase Code

  5. Select Remove purchase code in Purchase action

  6. Click Save to finish remove purchase code

  7. Use your purchase code and activate Umino theme for other domain

In order to remove your purchase code, you must insert the correct purchase code that was activated to the current domain. If you insert the wrong purchase code, it will not be removed.

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