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Change favicon icon and logo

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  1. In the theme editor (Customize), click Logo and Favicon

  2. Select image under Logo and Favicon

  3. Save

Favicon (Favorite icon)

A favicon, short for favorite icon, is a tiny image that identifies and distinguishes a particular website or webpage from others.

If you have multiple tabs open in your browser at the same time, a favicon makes it easy to locate what tab you need without reading the text.

The recommended image size is 32x32px.

Logo settings

Add a logo in the header to grab visitors' attention and set the tone for your brand. The recommended image size and format is 200x80px .png with a transparent background.

To add SVG logos, please follow these steps:


  1. Double click to your svg image to open it

  2. After open image, right click it on browser and select inspect

  3. Copy svg element and paste to Logo SVG

Note: Follow the video for more information.

Resize the logo image by increasing or decreasing the width on desktop/mobile

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