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How to update new version of Umino Theme? Please follow this link to upgrade theme.

Version 2.3.0 - Update new homepage + function + mirror bug

Jan 13, 2023

Update home page

Update function

Fix bug

  • Submenu disappear when hover

  • Size name have issue when use translate

Version 2.2.0 - Update new functions

Dec 18, 2023

Product page:

  • Add product 360, demo

  • Add product subscription, demo

  • More color product group option, demo

  • Display vendor logo in product page, demo link

  • Added option to show/hide icon zoom on mobile.

  • Automatically hide unrelated blocks for gift cart products

  • Each product can have its own unique size chart

  • Show product in cart above quality input.

  • Add option disable skeleton loading effect

  • More product information layout: show two column

  • Product navigation panel, demo.

Added setting for:

  • Setting for sale label: 3 option available ( Theme setting => Product => Badges => Sale label type)

    1. 1.

      Display 'Sale' text

    2. 2.

      Show the sale as a percentage, for example, -30%

    3. 3.

      Show the sale as a fixed amount, for example, -$10"

  • Update option for catalog mode: - Hidden add to cart button

    - Hidden price

  • Show the delivery days for shipping rates in the cart

  • Add option: Show header transparent ở mobile

  • Option: Theme color for mobile browser

  • Remove setting Umino custom css

  • Wishlist: 2 option available for remove wishlist: + Tap back on wishlist icon

    + Visit the wishlist page and remove the item

Added functions:

  • Cart upsell products ( show on minicart and cart page), demo.

  • Age verifier popup

  • ADD animation when scroll

  • Preload icon

  • Image Focal Point, please folow this link for more information

  • Counter Section

  • Search suggest text and add option search in page, post, product

  • Show message add to wishlist when remove cart item in minicart.


  • Fix bug zoom image in product page

  • Fix bug for sections, pages


Version 2.0.1 - Add color scheme settings and update function

Nov 18, 2023


  • Add color schemes for all demo

  • Add new Typhography setting for: Banner image, video, slide show, banner with text


  • Fix bug zoom image in product page

  • Fix bug for sections, pages

Note important:

  • Our new update utilizes a color scheme, and the exciting news is that we have integrated a new feature from Shopify to make color customization easier and more convenient than ever.

  • However, if you are using version 2.0.0 or below, we urge you to consider before updating. Installing the new version may cause some color-related issues, especially if you have customized colors in the previous version. In this case, you may need to readjust color options to ensure they work as expected.

  • You can learn more about the color scheme and how to update it here: How to update color schemes?

Version 2.0.0 - New homepage and update function

Oct 2, 2023



  • Update show rating Judge.me Product Reviews in product card

  • Update icon social

Version 1.9.0- New homepage and update function

Sep 15, 2023



  • Fix product variant image group

  • Fix label product detail

  • Fix section product recently viewed

Version 1.8.0- New settings color schemes and update function

Aug 14, 2023


  • Add new setting color schemes: Follow this link

  • Add new design minicart : Demo

  • Add support app Judge Product Reviews

  • Add function product gift cards: Product


  • Update section testimonial

  • Update section banner image

  • Update section sub collection

  • Update setting show bar code in product page


  • Remove settings cart discount codes

Version 1.7.0- New home page and and update function

July 17, 2023


  • Add new homepage: Gym Fitness

  • Add new function text scrolling in products


  • Update section product information tabs

  • Update theme settings GDPR Settings

  • Update section collection tab

  • Update section banner image

  • Update section Image box


  • Fix function sticky add to cart

Version 1.6.0- New other page and product detail digital and update function

July 9, 2023



  • Update section menu

  • Update section custom content

  • Update section banner with text

  • Update section product recommandations

  • Update layout page password

Version 1.5.0- Update function and fix function

June 18, 2023


  • Add new layout mobile menu

  • Add new design sections testimonials

  • Add new function scrollbar in sections product carousel and shop the look


  • Fix sections collection list menus

Version 1.4.0- New Homepage and update function

June 12, 2023


  • Add new homepage: Mega store

  • Add new sections: Collection list menus

  • Add new layout collection list sections

  • Add schema page faq


  • Update function free shipping cart

  • Update fuction pagination page collection

  • Update sections slideshow

  • Update page collection


  • Fix collection page layout list product

  • Fix sections instagram shop

  • Fix product item

Version 1.3.0- New Homepage and fix function

May 26, 2023



  • Update section spacing


  • Fix animation section

  • Fix zoom image in product detail page

  • Fix scroll using key up and key down

  • Fix product status unavailable

  • Fix style header

  • Fix table in product detail page

Version 1.2.0- New Homepage and update function

May 12, 2023


  • Add new homepage: Cosmetics

  • Add section sub collections

  • Add settings enable animations

  • Add header layout 5


  • Update function filter price in collections

  • Update option animations button add to cart

  • Update function top search


  • Fix translate form page contact

Version 1.1.1 - New Homepage and update function

May 6, 2023



  • Update section banner with text

  • Update section product grid

  • Update section image comparison

  • Update popup quick view


  • Fix section banner with text

  • Fix menu mobile

  • Fix toolbar sort collection in mobile

  • Fix multiple languages RTL

  • Fix style collection list, search mobile, product supper deal

Version 1.1.0 - New Camping Homepage and update new function

April 26, 2023



  • Update page password


  • Fix fetch url popup login & promotion

  • Fix error load images slideshow on mobile

  • Fix section banner image

  • Fix product color swatches

  • Fix hover color swatches product items

Version 1.0.9 - New Digital Homepage and update new function

April 15, 2023



  • Optimize menu

  • Update color swatches show/hide function

  • Update product sidebar

  • Update vertical menu

  • Update search popup


  • Fixed spelling mistake: Coupon

  • Fix duplicate meta-tags

  • Fix product label

  • Fix issue auto delay slideshows section

  • Fix advanced menu

  • Fix product banner

Version 1.0.8 - Fixed bugs and improve performance

April 04, 2023


  • Add option open collapsing in footer

  • Add Product left sidebar - Demo: Product

  • Add Product right sidebar - Demo: Product

  • Add Product drawer sidebar - Demo: Product

  • Add Rich Snippets SEO Schema - Result


  • Update performance of homepage, product detail, collection page

  • Update recommend width, height image on sections

  • Update setting account button in mobile menu

  • Update js for tooltip

  • Update skeleton loading code

  • Update logic image thumbnail of product

  • Update button paypal radius


  • Google Plus icon Share on product detail


  • Fix position sticky image detail pages

  • Fix message of stock notification

  • Fix id thumbnail product detail

  • Shopify theme check

Version 1.0.7 - New Homepage

March 25, 2023



  • Update logic for not track quantity product

  • Update style homepage


  • Fix bug countdown on mobile of Announcement Bar and Product deal

  • Fix bug payment icon in footer

  • Fix sold out product in page compare

Version 1.0.6 - Big Updated

March 06, 2023


  • Add section: Tiktok video - Home Demo: Simple Fashion

  • Add section: Instagram Shop - Home Demo: Clothing Store

  • Add setting enable/disable color swatches homepage

  • Add header layout 4 with search bar

  • Add video background for sections: Banner with text, banner image, product deal, product carousel

  • Add image loading

  • Add function countdown and slider for Announcement bar - Home Demo: Clothing Store, Simple Modern

  • Add skeleton loading

  • Add page Recently viewed products: Recently viewed products page

  • Add block function Product custom field in Product detail

  • Add setting remove search bar in search page


  • Update design for all homepage

  • Update compare color in Product detail

  • Update hover style for products

  • Update swatches for stock countdown

  • Update section Banner image for page Our store

  • Update custom font

  • Update menu sticky in mobile

  • Update contact us page

  • Update Banner with text setting

  • Update hover Instagram section

  • Update slideshow font-size in mobile

  • Update footer border setting

  • Update html Bought together

  • Update count wishlist items

  • Update loading skeleton wishlist, recently viewed products page

  • Update slider setting

  • Update Catalog mode

  • Update color swatch in Single prodct section

  • Update Collection tab layout

  • Update navigation style

  • Update countdown function: Check deadline is time valid

  • Update textarea radius

  • Update RTL css


  • Fix social icon

  • Fix bug sticky header

  • Fix icon chat in mobile

  • Fix newsletter and cookie button

  • Fix bug slider dot

  • Fix responsive mobile

  • Fix breadcrumb error

Version 1.0.5 - Big Updated

February 03, 2023


  • Add function Flashing browser tab notifications

  • Add function to limit the number of products added to the cart not exceeding the number of products left in stock

  • Add show/hide button function in Faqs page


  • Update design homepage

  • Update settings for Typography

  • Update section Slideshow settings

  • Update product hover style

  • Update section announcement bar

  • Update enable change free shipping settings

  • Update migrate number of products in block product-sticky with number of products in product detail page

  • Update function show payment icon in footer


  • Fix bug sale label for quickview and compare page

Version 1.0.4

January 30, 2023


  • Update design homepage


  • Fix missing image collection

  • Fix bug sale label

Version 1.0.3

January 27, 2023


  • New homepage: Vintage Fashion

  • New homepage: RTL Demo

  • EComposer Page Builder recommendation


  • Fix sticky header bug

  • Fix missing image collection

Version 1.0.2

January 17, 2023


  • Update purchase code

  • Update limit items for Wishlist

  • Update animation when close quickview

  • Remove border in product tab


  • Fix w3c bug

  • Fix purchase code bug

Version 1.0.1

January 17, 2023

Initial Released

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