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A mega menu allows you to show several menus from one dropdown in your store’s main navigation. In other words, it displays all of your products and collections, allowing customers to easily navigate

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Create Menu

Go to Navigation to create a menu. Click Add menu to add new or choose any items below the menu to edit.

Write the menu's name, then choose Add menu item. Write the menu item's name and choose the item in the dropdown box > click Add.

To make an item to a child menu, drag it under the main item.

Menu items can also be added to create the same level as a child menu.

Add Menu to the theme


  1. In the theme editor (Customize)

  2. Check Main menu section, then edit menu and use the created menu.

  3. Save

Section settings

How to config Mega menu with blocks?

Mega menus have 10 blocks:

  • Multi-Column (Parent)

  • Link list (Multi child)

  • Product (Multi-col child)

  • Collection (Multi child)

  • Banner (Multi-col child)

  • HTML (Multi-col child)

  • Blog (Multi-col child)

  • Advanced Menu

  • Dropdown menu (Parent)

  • HTML ( child )

  • Single Link

In the Main menu section, Add block > Choose Block (Mega menu).

1. Mega item

To make the mega menu work normally, you need a Parent block - Mega Menu and the Child blocks.

Parent block:

Child blocks:

config : Child blocks

2. Dropdown Item

it allows you to select only one menu in this part.

3. Advanced Menu

Add Link Name, Menu Link, Select Menu and select collections from products block to display products on right side of menu for each main links

Add Categories mobile setting


  1. In the theme editor (Customize)

  2. Check Main menu section -> Categories mobile setting

  3. Save

  • Enable tab categories: Show and hide the categories tab

  • List all collections: Lists all available collections in the store

  • Custom collections list: Option of the collection you want to display

If you select both List all collections and Custom collections list, the List all collections will be used.

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